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An urban oasis in the heart of DFW / Las Colinas. Luxuary homes, greenbelts, parks, walking trails,
amidst the lush trees and hills of the original jewel of the Las Colinas master planned community.
University Hills and las Colinas in Winter
A Short History of University Hills / Las Colinas

University Hills was the first residential village to be developed in what is now the Las Colinas area and was originally developed as Northgate I, Northgate II and Northgate III. Bob Glatter was the first Presidents of Northgate Homes, which built the first of the homes in the neighborhood. It's "fitting" that the first home at the west end of University Hills (Northgate & Gentry) is still occupied by Mr. Glatter's widow , Kay. (Glatter Falls in the Urban Center is named for the Glatters). The oldest homes dating from 1964 are located at 2905 Pacific, 2910 Coronado, 3111 East Cortez, 421 San Jose, and 204, 214, 218 East Rochelle. There are several more home that have reached the 40 and 50 plus year mark. We have provided a list below of the addresses if you wish to see them.
(List of oldest homes in University Hills is at bottom of this page).

There was at least one home here before there was a Las Colinas. Dick and Lois Short, whose home was on what is now Rochelle Blvd., was actually built by a doctor and his family from Dallas for a week-end retreat in the 1930's. It was at the end of a "lane" that served a farm house, which is now the Episcopal Church of the Redeemer. The home was demolished around 2016.

University Hills and its 500 home sites is a jewel of the Las Colinas master planned community. It has been the residence of choice for many community leaders since its inception, which have included city councilman, mayors, school board members, prominent businessmen and community activists.

University Hills is located centrally in the DFW metroplex, 15 minutes from downtown Dallas and two airports, Love Field and DFW Airport. The Las Colinas Urban Center; a short walk across SH114 from University Hills, has developed into a major destination, with entertainment venues, dozens of restaurants, hotels, convention center, urban residential complexes as well as large single family custom homes being built throughout the greater Las Colinas area.

Las Colinas also offers two local country clubs, the Las Colinas Country Club and the Four Seasons Resort and Club. University Hills itself has numerous home sites fronting the Las Colinas CC. Memberships at both facilities are available including exercise, tennis, and of course golf.

Within the borders of University Hills are several greenbelts and pocket parks including four small lakes maintained by the Las Colinas Association. These greenbelts offer walking paths, fountains and have numbers of geese and ducks, to the delight of old and young alike. Nearby also is Campion Trail, offering over 13 miles of paved trails for jogging, biking, skating or just walking. Future plans call for expanding the trail by connecting two current segments to making a 22-mile greenbelt along tributaries of the Trinity River.

University Hills has an active home owners association which features family centered entertainment such as the annual Spring Fling, providing rides, food, and live entertainment for all ages. In the winter there is a Deck the Hills celebration for the holidays, with drinks, choirs, and outdoor lighting ceremony at Pea Patch Lake. Over the years the City of Irving honored University Hills many times for its community participation and neighborhood support.

The Block Captain network and an annual planning and recognition meeting, a community website, and message board help promote community identity and initiate programs designed to develop University Hills. Being a member of the Las Colinas master community offers its own rewards.

Private security patrols, greenbelts, building restrictions and covenant enforcement ensure that University Hills is and will remain a viable, attractive, and thriving community well into the future. Private schools are available to meet the needs of more selective families looking to further their children's educational experience. In addition, of course, Irving offers its own public schools including a nearby magnet school, The Academy of Irving. Shopping is available at local malls and shopping centers, easily reached from our central location.

Las Colinas; which includes University Hills, was originally the Carpenter's Hackberry Creek Ranch, also referred to as "El Ranchito de Las Colinas", or "the little ranch of the hills". Las Colinas was founded in September of 1973 by Ben H. Carpenter.

The Office of the Secretary of the State of Texas issued a Certificate of Incorporation to UNIVERSITY HILLS HOME OWNERS ASSOCIATION on May 11,1963. Las Colinas is known worldwide for its quality and uniqueness and the same holds true for University Hills. The incorporating Board of Directors consisted of Ben H Carpenter, Wayne Hurd and James Goodson. The organizational meeting of the Directors of UH HOA was held on October 26, 1964 with Robert ( Bob) Glatter : President, Peter (Pete) Jordan : Vice President, Ben Chovanetz : Secretary and Eileen Rucker : Treasurer. (Wayne Hurd was the first President of Las Colinas before he moved to Marble Falls to develop Horseshoe Bay with his cousin).

Today, the residential area of Las Colinas consists of more than 3000 single-family units and 10,000 multi-family units and is growing rapidly. Numerous separate residential homeowner associations are within the Las Colinas boundaries, including Fox Glen, Cottonwood Valley, Hackberry Creek, Windsor Ridge, Mandalay Place, Fairway Vista, University Park, Quail Run, Country Club Place, Alto Vista and University Hills.

Information Flyer Click to download the University Hills Information Flyer.
Listing of the Earliest Homes in University Hills
The oldest homes dating from 1964
Coronado # 2910 Pacific # 2905 San Jose # 421
East Cortez # 3111 East Rochelle #'s 204, 214, and 218  
Homes that have earned the 50 Year Home of Distinction award. ...*(2017 qualifiers)
Coronado #'s 3005, 3009, 3105, 3113* San Carlos # 322 East Rochelle #'s - 213*, 309*, 510
West Cortez # 3202 San Mateo # 306*  
East Cortez #'s 3009*, 3101, 3114 East Northgate #'s - 113*, 210, 300  
Homes that have earned the 40 Year Home of Distinction award. ... *(2017 qualifiers)
Acapulco Court #'s - 3801*
Guadalajara Circle #'s - 412*, 413, 416*
San Jose Street #'s - 401, 405, 414, 426
Acapulco Street #'s - 3901*, 3912, 4001, 4017
Guadalajara Court #'s - 3704, 3708
San Juan Court #'s - 500, 600, 613
Balboa Court #'s - 200, 400
Hidalgo Street #'s - 3116, 3200, 3209, 3300, 3308*, 3413, 3700, 3701*, 3709*
San Mateo Court #'s - 302, 305, 306, 310, 314*
Balboa Street #'s - 304, 401, 405
La Paz Court #'s - 200, 300, 400
San Miguel Court #'s - 200*, 300
Cabeza de Vaca Circle #'s - 3701, 3705, 3708, 3709, 3713, 3801, 3808, 3813, 3819, 3901, 3902, 3908 LaVida Court #'s - 300*, 400 Santa Clara Street #'s - 209, 217, 301, 309, 314
Coronado Street #'s - 2900, 3005, 3006, 3009, 3010, 3013, 3101, 3102, 3105, 3113, 3205, 3209 East Northgate Drive #'s - 101, 213, 218, 640* Santiago Court # - 3701
East Cortez Court #'s - 3001, 3005, 3006, 3009, 3010, 3022, 3105, 3111, 3114 West Northgate Drive # 103 Sonora Court # - 613*
West Cortez Court #'s - 3202, 3209 Pacific Court #'s - 2905, 2909, 2913*, 2917 Tampico Street #'s - 212*, 300, 301, 317, 321, 325*
Durango Court # - 200 East Rochelle Boulevard #'s - 204, 213, 301, 305, 306, 310, 408*, 500, 501, 510, 513, 605, 705, 713 Wingren Drive #'s - 3805, 3901, 4006, 4009*, 4010, 4013*, 4014, 4022, 4102, 4106, 4110*, 4114
North Durango Circle #'s - 605, 609, 613 Salinas Court #'s - 3205, 3209, 3217, 3221, 3225  
South Durango Circle #'s - 524, 600, 604, 608 San Carlos Court #'s - 301, 302, 309, 313, 314, 322  
Pictures of some of the oldest homes in University Hills
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...... The University Hills Neighborhood Association is a voluntary organization of residents who work together to improve and maintain the
.......quality of life in our neighborhood. Our goals are to foster strong communication, bring neighbors together, create a strong sense of
...... identity and empower residents to make University Hills all it can be.
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